Hiken: Tsubame Gaeshi (秘剣・燕返し, Concealed Sword: Swallow Reversal or Swallow Return) is a kenjutsu technique that was developed by a legendary swordsman,, a member of the King Klan, who obtained the technique during her training in the Land of Iron. The technique consists of a vertical, horizontal, and circular slash, all done in rapid succession, upon which the three consecutive slashes close in on the enemy from all sides to create a prison, that allows no chance for defence or evasion.

The first strike comes at the opponent with overwhelming speed, creating a circular arc to surround them. After which the slower second strike comes from the above meant to block off escape, and the third and final horizontal strike is to keep the opponent from escaping from the side, however two more strikes are added to pierce inwards, thus completely overwhelming them. The Technique is a lethal attack that cannot be avoided through typical means, and according to legend it is a technique that challenges god with mere human skill.

If by any chance an opponent manages to block one of the slashes, the other four will most definitely hit, making it an impossible technique to fully block. Due to its close range, if an opponent attempts to retreat, Reika will quickly cut them down. In order to perfectly execute theTechnique a suitable level foundation is required, and if Andrey does not have a proper foothold, he will only be able to produce the first two slashes.

Concealed Sword: Swallow Reversal
Name Concealed Sword: King
Kanji 秘剣・燕返し
Rōmaji Hiken: Tsubame Gaeshi
Range Short-range
Type Offensive, Kenjutsu
User(s) Andrey King