The regeneration used by the gods. The only alive posessor of this is Andrey Uchiha.

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This will heal any and all wounds, you can be incinerated and still apeear! You can be sealed and still regenerate! Even sealing techniques like the death reaper are useless!y.

This massively regenerates your chakra while it is active, however after it is deactivated you'll find yourself stumbling and bumbling for about an hour or two!


This technique was devised by Andrey after he saw how powerful Jack X's regeneration technique was, so he tried to make his own. 

Drawbacks Edit

It cant be used all that often, due to the large chakra supplements that would need to be taken, using this over 5 times a week would be impossible! Even with some of the best medical ninjutsu out ther


This will increase the speed of healing 10 fold, and even replenish energy !

Due to the rapid regeneration of cells, the body will turn so hard, the skin will condense and basically turn as hard as steel, and get stronger over time.

With doing this; it'll make the user a god, who has some weakspots.

When this technique is activated, the users body will turn the color of their chakra.

It can regenerate anything, except for chin down.


It cant be used very often, your body will need time to rest aswell

It can only last a full 24 hours before you die, from overtaxing your body