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Literal English Jinjutsu
Viz manga Breaking Dancing Style
English TV Dancing Fist
Appears in Anime
Classification TaijutsuFighting Style
Class Offensive
Range Short-range
 [CollapseDerived jutsu

Lucifer Hozuki

Jinjutsu has a variety of different techniques that make use of the hands and feets. Both kicks and punches are among the offensive movements, but the emphasis is normally on kicking. Because of the appearance of many techniques, they are often mistaken for ballerina movements. However, while Jinjutsu has some quite impressive, acrobatic signature moves, many of the basic techniques in capoeira are similar to those found in other martial arts. Its a fast and versatile martial art which is historically focused on fighting outnumbered or in technological disadvantage. The user can even fight with their eyes closed by using their five senses.

Stance Edit

Whereas nearly all martial arts rely on a single stance or posture to which the artist and attack and defend from. Jinjutsu artist relies on constant motion rather than an actual position. This iconic motion is known as the ginga. The constant movement of moving from one foot to the other. The ginga keeps the artist center of gravity from remaining in one place, allowing for an attack from any spot, and making critical strikes increasingly difficult. Forcing them to rely on glancing blows where their attack power is cut in half not nearly as effective for fear of a swift counter if they miscalculate. The movement also allows the artist to force their opponent to remain vigilant and not get comfortable. The constant motion, feints, bobbing and weaving prohibit and discourages attacks and strikes of considerable power, it also does a fantastic job of hiding where a possible attack could originate from.

Offense Edit

Jinjutsu is a fast and versatile martial art which is historically focused on fighting outnumbered or in technological disadvantage. The brunt of offensive Jinjutsu attacks is completely centered around powerful swinging kicks and rasterias (sweeping kicks). These kicks are significantly different than most modern martial arts styles. Jinjutsu kicks allow the user to attack from multiple angles and can be managed while doing handstands and other various forms such as jumping, swinging, and flipping. What makes taijutsu especially tricky is the users ability to hid the attacks of capoeira within the actual dance, giving false reads of what is an attack and what is not. Jinjutsu relies on feints, misdirection and impatience of its enemies to coerce one into attack too soon or too late, or making them hesitate their attacks and leave themselves open. Jinjutsu's fluid and dancing style movements and unpredictability make it a very dangerous style versus more conventional fighters. To those who have never witnessed the style they often remark on it as Braking Dance Style, remarking it is much like break dancing during a fight. Jinjutsu artists have also been known to use their elbows, feet, and fist, but this is not a primary offensive attack within the offensive. The offensive Jinjutsu is good enough to break someone's nose. The user who masters this is capable of taking on a small army of themselves with or without dojutsu.

Defense Edit

The defense is based on the principle of non-resistance, meaning avoiding an attack using agile evasive moves instead of blocking it. Avoids are called esquivas, these avoids can be formed in ducking, cartwheels, handstands, and flips. Relying mostly upon constant motion of the ginga to allow the artist to avoid blows rather than block. Jinjutsu artist is taught the importance of using esquivas for defense. Stating it gives the artist an advantage because they don't have to waste time trying to recover from the block, they can easily jump back into the fight with a counter of their own and attacks from a varying angle. Jinjutsu also allows the user to counter moves that are strong enough to shatter someone's leg with just their elbow and knee while countering weapons and attacks and reversing them at other enemies. The user is also capable of dodging just by dropping down to their knees while reading a book.