Katuko Onmyō' (神龍のうずまき, Onmyo Katuko) more commonly known as The Black Devil (黒い悪魔, Kuroi Akuma) is a shinobi hailing from the Onmyō. He comes from prestigious blood and is the best friend of Hagoromo Otsutsuki who is better known as the Sage of Six Paths (六道仙人, Rikudou Sennin) Katuko is considered the Unknown Ninja of Konohagakure. As Katuko travelled the World, he gained a nickname,  The Black Devil (黒い悪魔, Kuroi Akuma) for his conquest of many lands. He is the son of Onmyō, the parents are unnamed though.


Katuko Onmyō
Kanji 神龍のうずまき
Romaji Katuko Otsutsuki

Black Devil (黒い悪魔, Kuroi Akuma)

Birthday June 8th
Age 29
Gender Male
Height 6'11
Weight 105 lbs
Voice Actor
English Kaiji Tang
Japanese Yūichi Nakamura
Professional Status


Affiliation Konohagakure
Previous Affiliation Unknown


Previous Profession Head Ninja
Partner Kaido
Previous Partner N/A
Personal Status

Rikudou Sennin (Best Friend)


Onmyō Clan

Marital Status Single
Rank Ex-Jonin


Ninja Registration KAMI-0
First Appearance
Series Debut Dreamscape
Roleplay Debut Whirlpool of Clashing Kin
Game Debut Naruto Shippuden: Next Generation

Fire Release

Wind Release

Earth Release

Yin Release

Yang Release

Yin–Yang Release



Black Receiver

Body Flicker Technique

Chakra Transfer Technique

Chibaku Tensei

Contract Seal

Deva Path

Earth Release: Earth Spear

Evil Disturbance Waltz

Fire Release: Blast Wave Wild Dance

Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation

Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction

Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder

Four Symbols Seal

Outer Path

Summoning Technique

Water Release: Wild Water Wave



Sword of Nunoboko


Flying Thunder God Kunai


Personality Edit

    1. Personality
    2. Background
    3. Kenjutsu
    4. Ninjutsu
    5. Taijutsu


I want everything you can possibly imagine. I want money and women, power and the world! Status, glory! I demand the finer things in life!
— Greed

While Katuko is funny, serious, and dislikes children, he cares deeply for the welfare of his friends. Katuko is self-proclaimed devout lover of peace, hating conflict and believing painful battles should be ended as quickly as possible. When battling against others, he tends to use powerful techniques to swiftly beat his opponent. Katuko despises values like justice and honor, the same values that the Senju clan believes in. 


Katuko Onmyo has an unknown and shady background.  

"When you notice an insect on the ground, do you stop to consider it a fool? The life of an insect is so beneath you that it would be a waste of your time to even consider judging it. That would be an accurate summation of my feelings towards our enemies."

— Shenron X

Life Force and Chakra Prowess

Waves of Chakra Mode
Katuko Onmyo, also known as the Black Devil, The Best Friend of Hagoromo, and the Legendary Onmyo Champion was destined for greatness. He has extremely high chakra, that goes above the chakra limit of even a kage. Son of the Onmyo, he possesses the endurance life force and chakra of an Onmyo. Known as the Black Devil for the way he fought while on his journey before staying in Konoha, he ended battles quickly and never liked violent battles so he ended them as fast as possible. Vanishing from the shinobi world for two years name would fade people's memory but never the bingo books.  In a uncontrollable mental state, Katuko took down shinobi such as the 4th and 5th Raikage with no mercy.  His chakra is high enough to cause the a mass amount of destruction wherever his chakra is in power or in-use. 

Life-Force, one's ability to stay alive, keep breathing, survive harsh thing, their will. These are all ways one can describe what they believe is their life force. It is said that some people have stronger life forces than others, having the unique ability to survive things that an average person would not survive or live beyond their usual life span or keep a youthful appearance. Katuko had the Life-Force to be able to live a long life, he is unable to die of natural causes such as poison, natural disasters, diseases, or sicknesses. As stated above his life force is incredibly powerful, surpassing the power of any other known Otsutsuki being expected to live passed even one-hundred years of age. Katuko on his own could have one of the strongest life forces ever to walk on the Shinobi world. 

Naturally, Katuko on his own surpasses most shinobi. Katuko's chakra is black and that is another reason why he's called the Black Devil, he was witnessed using his chakra which was black covering his identity while in battle, so whenever someone got close to his face all they saw were rinnegan eyes and the chakra cloaking him, unable to be seen. Katuko's tremendous power may stem from training and being best friends with Hagoromo Otsutsuki and he has lived for a long time.



Katuko often uses chains called "Kusari". It is a simple tool that are multiple metal links placed together into a long coherent rope-like construct.  It can be attached to several different tools such as weights, and the like. It can be used to bind individuals or as an offensive tool on its own, though the latter is ineffective in direct combat.


Katuko is well-versed in a variety of ninjutsu. his training and studies resulted in him being capable of performing hundreds of techinques; he could place a juinjutsu on a target powerful enough to control them himself; he has a mastery over hundreds fūinjutsu said to be strong enough to control even a Tailed Beast.


Hagoromo otsutsuki sons rencarnation by suzukeamaterasu-d7d395t
While he relies mostly on ninjutsu and genjustu, Katuko is very skilled at taijutsu. Through the intense training he took, his pain tolerance is extremely high, stating a number of times that he could continue fighting even if his arm was torn off.
Katuko is skilled in several different taijutsu. During his journey before he lived in Konoha, Katuko enhanced many of his physical attributes such as Strength, Speed, Endurance and Reflexes.

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