Kung Fu Boxing
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Literal English Kung-Fu Boxing
Viz manga Karate Fist Fighting
English TV Dragon's Fist
Appears in Anime
Classification Taijutsu,

Fighting Style

Class Offensive
Range Short-range
 [CollapseDerived jutsu


Kung-Fu Boxing is a very ancient and powerful taijutsu. It was feared as one of the great three taijutsu, being ranked at second. It possesses extremely powerful and dangerous techniques. The moves are combined from Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson, and Muhammad Ali.


The stance is similar to boxers like (Mike Tyson's and Muhammad Ali) with their fists in-between of both their defensive and offensive mode sticking right in front of them.


Kung-Fu Boxing is both slow and fast. It allows the user to be quick, while also showing a whole lot of enormous strength at the same time. Whereas nearly all martial arts rely on a single stance or posture to which the artist and attack and defend from. Kung-Fu Boxing artist relies on constant motion rather than an actual position. This iconic motion is known as the ginga. The constant movement of moving from one foot to the other. The ginga keeps the artist center of gravity from remaining in one place, allowing for an attack from any spot, and making critical strikes increasingly difficult. Forcing them to rely on glancing blows where their attack power is cut in half not nearly as effective for fear of a swift counter if they miscalculate. The movement also allows the artist to force their opponent to remain vigilant and not get comfortable. The constant motion, feints, bobbing and weaving prohibit and discourages attacks and strikes of considerable power, it also does a fantastic job of hiding where a possible attack could originate from.


The defense is based on the principle of non-resistance, meaning avoiding an attack using agile evasive moves while also being able to block it. Relying mostly on constant motion of the ginga to allow the artist to avoid blows rather than block. The user's speed, reaction time, and defense increases dramatically allowing them to dodge attacks faster, while taking damage and not feeling cuts or pain.


By combining this with the Sharingan, the user becomes faster, their reaction time increases dramatically to the point where they seem like gods. When mastered, the user is basically nigh-unstoppable in terms of taijutsu. When combining with ninjutsu, it allows the user to weave handsigns faster than normal.

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