The Kingly Blade


The current holder of this Legendary Blade is Andrey King

It is based off of Excalibur, thus why it is owned by the Kings Klan


It can pierce through almost anything

By Anything I mean: almost the strongest Alloy/metal

Drawbacks: It is made to pierce, the defense of this blade low!

On defense this blade only plays one tune

It cant block jutsus, unless its a pierce/slash jutsu

EX: This sword cant block a fireball

EX: This sword can block a Chakra Blade.

However: When Andrey is awakened, this sword can summon and control the elements that Andrey can use. EX: This sword could control Water release.

This blade acts more to a shield and sword than just a sword. When the sword is sheathed It constantly will protect the nearest king klan around it, using the element the user can use. When opened, the sword and mind sort of combine, making this sword in a way, a living vassal of the King Klan.


It can only be wielded by a member of the Kings Clan


It was given by the originator himself to the descendent founders of the Kings Klan, with a prophecy.

The prophecy read " Who, who comes down from the minor gods, who comes down with no failure, who is Destroyer of gods, will wield my sword. "

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