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Welcome to the Wikia for Naruto Shinobi's Path (originally called Two Paths). We are a canon / non-canon roleplaying game where we can roleplay as a ninja with abilities and moves called Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu. Our life force (or 'chakra') is what we use to have these 'abilities'. We work hard to try and become one of the best Naruto roleplays out there and even though we can't, we can't stop trying. People have tried their best and they won't give up and I thank them for that. All of these guys are people I can trust and you can too. I could never find better friends than the ones I have now.

We don't roleplay here just to have fun, we do it to get to know each other better.. Learn things. It may seem boring, but then you may start to enjoy yourself... SO HAVE FUN AND DON'T FORGET TO ROLEPLAY WITH US!!!


In this game, you are allowed to roleplay your own story! You don't have to follow a story created by the owner (or co-owners for that matter), but you can start your own story, though, there are still some rules that people have to follow such as:

  1. (No instant Overpoweredness) This means you cannot start out overpowered, but basic;weak.
  2. (Clan Limit) This means I would like to see you as other clans, not just Uzumaki, Senju, or Uchiha.
  3. (PLOTS) This means if you would like a plot suggestion, you may ask the owner or co-owner for help.
  4. (Story Mode) We are still in story mode, so whatever happens to your character, it happens.
  5. (HAVE FUN)  These are some of the basic rules, that doesn't mean you can't HAVE FUN!!!

If you would like to see the other rules (yes, some are complicated) please follow this link:


  1. Mavis Hyuga
  2. Kojima Uchiha
  3. Kaido
  4. Shiro Hatake
  5. Raikou
  6. Tomoki Uzumaki
  7. Nichan
  8. Obdara Zetsu