Squads are a group consisting of 3-5 members (3-4 Students or Genin and their placed Jonin) who train and make themselves stronger for missions, tournaments, and exams; like the Chunin and Genin exams. Also called Cells.


The Squad Leaders include:

SQUAD 7: (Darkstalker2012), (SXxDinoManxXS), (XIXAllenIversonXIX), (JayGamerV2)

SQUAD 8: (Gogeta23455), (Cyberas), (SevrenAshas), (BlazeReaper2)


  1. Teams are not allowed to abandon their village. If done so, they become Rogue.
  2. Jonin are responsible for what happens to their students.
  3. Jonin are suppose to train their students, they are not permitted to feed them and care for them.
  4. Teams are limited up to B-Rank Missions. Anything higher results in demotion of the Cell leader.

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