Robe of the Fire God
Kanji 火鼠の裘
Rōmaji Hinezumi no Kami
English TV Robe of the Fire God
Appears in Anime, Manga
Classification N/A
Class DefensiveSupplementary
Range Short-range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu Rinne-Sharingan
 [CollapseDerived jutsu


The Robe of the Fire God (火鼠の裘, Hinezumi no Kami) technique grants the user the ability to completely disregard the factors of heat and fire, both in the natural sense and the elemental nature sense. It adorns the user in a transparent cloth visible only to those that wield either a Rinnegan or is a very good sensory type, which lightly wraps itself around its user and appears almost as though it were sentient as dictated by its motions. To the eyes of the most simple observer, it is an ability that allows the user to exist completely outside the laws of thermodynamics; the most common example of this is being able to actually remain unaffected by any form of fire release technique. While the flames still exist and still interact with the user, the heat from those flames act as though they are nonexistent. The flames are nothing more than inert forms of matter that attempt to interact with the technique user, only to fall short of their intentions. However, this is merely the most basic level of understanding the Robe of the Fire God technique. It actually supplies the user with a defense against energy in any vibrational form. When chakra is molded into an elemental nature, regardless of its complexity, some level of unique vibration occurs that respectively determines its eventual change into a nature. It is with accordance to the classics of changes that an energy's unique nature comes from how it acts and behaves, which can only happen when the form of energy has achieved some level of vibration allowing such motions to occur. Thus, the Robe of the Fire Rat technique allows its user to completely resist the unique elemental properties of chakra natures entirely, effectively rendering all elemental ninjutsu (save for those that rely solely on Yin Release and Yang Release) moot against its user. It also protects the user against any release, including Yin-Yang.

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