Shinobi Aura is basically a small form unlocked by Genin and Chunin that allows them to multiply their chakra and strength by five. This allows them to fight people a few levels ahead of them while also being able to heal and sense more properly. This is a technique taught to genin who are preparing to master their chakra and is basically a small boost for them.


There are forms, similar to Eight Gates, only, there are 4 and they own have a different category for power stats (attack, jutsu, chakra, etc)

  1. Dementor - (The user's speed is increased and allows them to outrun even a chakra cheetah)
  2. Hiachi - (The user's durability is increased, allowing them to easily survive small explosions)
  3. Reality - (The user's chakra sensing abilities increase and allow them to sense from a mile radius)
  4. Doom - (The user's chakra is increased and can be compared to a Jonin's) Chunin+ only.
  5. Incomplete - (The user's chakra is dark and incomplete and their abilities multiply times ten)


  • The jutsu is required chakra while being used, so a little bit of chakra is still being used for this technique.
  • The technique becomes unusable if the user contains a tailed beast or has mastered their chakra.
  • The technique must be trained before being able to use other forms.
  • The forms last only ten minutes.
  • Doom
  • Dementor
  • Hiachi
  • Incomplete
  • Reality