Steel Release: Countering Shield
Kanji 酔拳
Rōmaji Negate
Literal English Counter and Shield
Viz manga Steel Shield
Games Absolute Counter
Appears in Anime
Classification Kekkei GenkaiNinjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class OffensiveDefensive
Range Short-range
 [CollapseDerived jutsu


A powerful technique belonging to the rare Negation Release kekkei genkai and is considered to be one of the strongest techniques belonging to the kekkei genkai. This technique allows the user to effectively reflect the enemy's or enemies ninjutsu, including physical and elemental techniques back at them with a stronger amount of force then originally applied to the enemy's attack by negating the damage and redirecting it. The power of this technique greatly varies on the power of the enemy's attack and has the potential to kill or incapacitate the enemy in one blow. The stronger they are the stronger the power of the technique will be, allowing a weaker opponent be able to completely overpower a much stronger opponent with their own attack. There are three main forms of countering that this technique enables the user to use: 


All forms of chakra, genjutsu, ninjutsu, senjutsu, and even taijutsu can be completely negated or nullified by the user when a technique or person comes within the range of the barrier, but this technique does not only extend to negating or nullifying techniques.

  • Self Negation: The user has the ability to negate and nullify aspects of themselves. By negating damage the user can erase any damage or injury that was inflicted on them restoring them to their normal state. Poison or harmful chemicals within the user's body can also be nullified making the user highly resistant to harmful substances. The user can also negate the laws of physics surrounding them self or an object or person within their barrier. By negating friction the user can run on, hold onto, or move on any surface, regardless of how slippery or even rough and movement dampening/sticky the friction is. The user can also be granted a form of immortality by negating their aging process. 

  • Offensive Negation: The invisible barrier that surrounds the user can span up to 10 meters, in which anything within the barrier can be effectively negated by the user. The user can negate the user of any special mode the user may be in such as Sage Mode and even Eight Gates can prove useless while in the barrier. The user can negate gravity causing the user and opponents to float in place. The user can also negate other absolute defenses with ease. Teleportation can also be negated if the enemy attempts to teleport they will appear in the same spot they began.

  • FC2
    Another one the three forms, utilizing this method the user will place their palm outwards in the opponent's direction, then rather than taking the technique; the user will send it back at them with a greater amount of force, while completely negating any attempted damage to them self.

  • FC1
    : Another one of the three forms, allowing the user to combine their Steel Release with their armor to increase defense and enable them to withstand attacks and reflect them back at them, for only five minutes.

  • Karma: Considered to be the strongest as well as the most dangerous of the three form to both the user and the enemy. As the user is beginning to build negation chakra then exert it, in a large blast causing the technique that is damaging the target to be reflected with an incredible amount, either through a physical strike or through the use of a weapon. This form has a very low survival rate as it is mostly used on techniques that are S-Rank.