Super Jinchūriki
Dragon ball super sunday ssgss vegito by moxie2d-d9adqqx
Kanji スーパー人柱力
Rōmaji Sūpā Jinchūriki
Appears in Anime
Classification Ninjutsu,

Chakra Flow

Class Offensive,




The Super Mode (スーパー人柱力, Sūpā Mode) is unique transformations that ... obtain by unique measures (depending on the chakra level) that put him above even Jonin level and allows him to fight straight on against the seventh tailed version of Kurama.


The Super Mode's abilities are vastly unknown due to ... being the only one so far capable of achieving it, but what was seen by Raikou's actions, the user's physical abilities are greatly enhanced while the mode is active, nearly comparable to Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. While using the form, Raikou was strong enough to send Hanzō, a very powerful and feared shinobi, flying miles away with a single attack. He is also fast enough to dodge attacks coming from different directions all at once. The form's physical prowess is so powerful, that ... was able to withstand much ninjutsu simultaneously without suffering damage, and also managed to withstand a very powerful Lava-based attack, that any regular shinobi would be surely killed by it. 


  • Temporal Healing:This allows Rin to literally erase any damage or grievous injury done to his body by rewinding time, causing the injury to be erased from existence. This ability, however, costs a lot of chakra and decreases the amount of time that the technique can stay active.
  • Spatial Mimicry:This allows the user to displace the physical matter of their body into a different space while leaving their body in the same space, this allows the user to become intangible and tangible at will, to avoid techniques or travel through solid matter.

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