The Black Knights
Appears in Anime
 [CollapseKnown Members

Saga Onmyō

The Black Knights are group of ninja known to be the most mysterious and powerful men through-out the Ninja World. Not many know of the members inside of the Organization itself, which is usually kept a secret. It is said that the Organization has insight on all villages.

History EditEdit

The Black Knights were originally created by Saga Onmyo, known as the original "Black Knight" not many knew that he was the Knight until he revealed himself during a ferocious war-like battle, in which the Black Knights fought and helped the Villages defeat a threat that could of destroyed their villages. From then on, not much was heard of the Black Knights. [TO BE CONTINUED]

Purpose EditEdit

The Purpose of the Black Knights was originally to achieve peace, but over time.. It didn't come as they hoped. Saga Onmyo, The Leader of the Black Knights continued recruiting for the Black Knights, and he found along his way Alec Uzumaki and an Unknown man without a name, The Unknown Man never spoke. In time, peace did reach to them and they began to help the villages again.

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