Tidal Wave Edit

Kanji 津波
Rōmaji Suiton: Tsunami
Literal English Water Style: Tidal Wave
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie
Classification Ninjutsu
  • Water Release
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive, Defensive
Range Long-range
Hand seals Dragon → Ox → Monkey → Horse
[Collapse] Users
  • Andrey King

"Brace yourself. This is my ultimate technique." - Andrey King

The Water Release: Tidal Wave is a jutsu of Andrey Mizuumi's own creation. According to Andrey former teammates and several shinobiwho have witnessed the technique in action testify that it is Ai's strongest techniques - and perhaps one of the strongest Water Release techniques in creation (Ai never claims this and states such a claim is an exaggeration). The Tidal Wave simply appears as a huge wave of water, several stories high. Andrey has stated (and further demonstrated) that he could only use this technique once a week; the requirement of chakra is simply too high for frequent use and leaves the user exhausted afterwards. Andrey has said that he created the technique only for utter attack and destruction on a battlefield and that it was only to be used infrequently - sparingly and accordingly to a major and/or important battle.

The technique itself is rather simple. The user can generate water by expelling it out of his or her mouth, or by using a preexisting water supply, such as a lake or an ocean (with an ocean being preferable). A huge wave is formed and slowly moves forward from whatever direction the user is facing. The water travels several feet, crushing and sweeping any obstacles or enemies out of the way, and swamps the land it crosses over. Once the water reaches it's apex and crests completely, the huge wave comes crashing down, completely annihilating whatever it collapses down onto. Only the strongest of reinforcements can withstand the force and sheer volume of water the wave brings. Enemies are easily swept off their feet and washed away or even drowned, and obstacles such as barricades or walls are crushed. The remaining water remains behind, enabling other Water Release users to utilize it as a source for their jutsu.

Despite the offensive intent behind the Tidal Wave, it can also be used defensively, as few techniques or objects can breach or halt the moving wall of water and is very difficult to avoid. This allows ally reinforcements to hide within the wave or behind it as it travels forward. Further, the amount of sea foam that can be kicked up by the wave can disorient any remaining enemies. Lastly, the technique can be utilized as an example of psychological warfare; the extreme size of the wave can cause panic and fear within enemy lines and the destruction it causes can further dishearten and discourage opponents.

As stated above, Andrey can only use this technique once a week and is very weakened after using it, succumbing to the brink of exhaustion. It is meant as a final, sure-fire way of defeating an enemy rather than prolonged fights. Due to the exhaustive toll, the extreme stress it puts on it's user's chakra and the destructive power behind it, Andrey rarely deigns to use it.