The Konoha 11 (木ノ葉の11人, Konoha no JūichininEnglish TV:Hidden Leaf 11, Literally meaning: Tree Leaf Eleven People) is a term used to collectively refer to the descendents of the members of four Konoha teams: Team 7Team 8Team 10, and Team GuyThough the members appear in both the manga and anime and often work collectively in both medias, "Konoha 11" is only ever used in the anime. 

Ultimate Konoha 11
Konoha 11 Part I

Ultimate Konoha 11 (木ノ葉の11人, Konoha no JūichininLiterally meaning: Tree Leaf Eleven People)

Mega Rookie 9 (新人9人, Rūkī Nain)

Anime Naruto Episode #197
Movie Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire
OVA Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!
Appears in Anime, Movie
Team Info

Kage Nara 

Kagura Senju

Tomoki Uzumaki

Utako Uchiha



History Edit

The Ultimate Konoha 11's first mission is during the fight of the Hidden Leaf when a bunch of the Tsuchikage's ANBU were sent fo fight and destroy the leaf. A few students from Konohagakure's village formed Ultimate Konoha, naming it "Ultimate Konoha 11" after their ancestors, Konoha 11

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