Yata's Protection
Yata Pro
Appears in Anime, Manga





Lightning Release

Water Release

Earth Release

Fire Release

Wind Release

Yin Release

Yang Release

Rank S-rank
Class Defensive
Range Short-range
Hand seals God

Aoi Uchiha

Yata's Protection is an ancient and powerful Uchiha Clan technique, that was said to have been lost until the technique was rediscovered by Raikou through unknown means. The technique is said to grant the user an absolute defense, and that this technique was created based on the effects of the ethereal weapon the Yata Mirror. The scroll reads that those who are able to use this technique gain a powerful defensive technique that exceeds the protection granted by the Susano'o.

Yata's Protection is a defensive technique that was created based on the principles and mechanics of the Yata Mirror, and allow the user of this technique essentially mimic the ability that the Yata Mirror possesses. The Yata Mirror has the ability to be able to change its characteristics to any nature transformation to completely negate any attack, whether it be spiritual, or physical because it is endowed with all nature transformations. Yata's Protection grants the user the ability to completely negate any attack, whether it be spiritual or physical in accordance to the nature type or types the user possesses. For example Susano'o Uchiha has Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Yin Release natures, meaning that he is able to completely negate all Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Yin Release techniques, also any nature transformation that utilizes his original nature type which in his case is Fire Release, he will also be able to negate. Meaning that Lava Release, Scorch Release, and any other nature transformation that implements Fire Release will not work on him. When Yata's Protection is activated the user is surrounded by a dark red aura that emanates on them.

This technique requires the user to be immensely disciplined in chakra control and endurance to even use this technique, and requires that the practitioner has a basic understanding and feel for the nature types they possess. It is said that a wielder of this technique that has all chakra nature truly gains an absolute defense.

Raikou is able to bypass the drawbacks of this technique by using this technique in conjunction with his Hakaigenshi technique since Hakaigenshi messes with atoms, similar to Dust Release, and can change the atoms of the shield to make it match the same element as the attacking jutsu.


Upon the initial activation of this technique the user will feel a large amount of their chakra go into creating the protective aura that goes around them. Also, even after its activation the armor still requires a constant emission of chakra to sustain the armor. While the armor is activated the user is unable to use other techniques because of the large amount of concentration it takes to sustain the armor. If the target possesses a chakra nature the user does not the techniques of that particular nature will still be able to affect the user. For example, Kojima Uchiha does not possess a Water Release nature so water techniques can still affect him.

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