Zingo Uzumaki was the future-wife of Andrey Uchiha!


At the age of 10, Zingo and Andrey were agreed by parents to be married. Over 3 years the three had bonded, and they were going to break the rules and have the marriage one Andrey and Zingo hit 14. However, she was brutally slaughtered by an unknown force that later turns out to be black zetsu. She was a gennin in Squad 1, and had two loving parents who were also brutally slaughtered by the same force.


Zingo was blessed with pink hair, one that they always had down straight due to Andrey loved it. She always wore her signature pear of headphones, the Chakra Solo's. She always wore a tanktop that had her belly and half of her rack exposed. She always wore yoga pants, as her future husband liked that too. She was blessed with the bra size D. Her rack was f*cking huge. Her ass was huge aswell!


She was pronounced as one of the strongest Shinobi ever raised in the Leaf. She could beat the best, and once defeated a Chuunin who became a jounin ten days later in hand to hand combat. It's predicted that if she was alive she would be Kage level by 19! She had two elements by the age of 12. Fire and Earth.

However her real speciality was in taijutsu, she could keep on par with the best of the best by the age of 14.

She had no Genjutsu.


She held an IQ of 150, she was extremely smart and a genius.